Sawa Millet Pongal

Sawa Millet Pongal  is meant for those with sweet tooth but is health conscious. This snack is high in protein and a vegetarian snack and gluten free. And it uses unrefined sugar or Jaggery (which you can get from Indian groceries or online). In order to turn it into a vegan dish, use coconut oil instead of Clarified butter (Ghee)




Serves 2-3 people

0.5  Cup Whole Sawa Millet

1.5  Cup water to boil the millet

1/ 4 Cup water to be used while making pongal

3 /4 Cup Gur/ Jaggery or more as per taste.

2 Tblsp dessicated coconut

2 Tblsp cashew+almonds broken

2 Tblsp Ghee (Clarified butter)



In a pan put ghee, add the broken nuts let it fry. Add dessicated coconut. Let it fry for a minute.

Remove and set aside.

In the same pan put the Sawa millet fry for two mins, add 1.5 cup water and let the water come to boil.

Turn down the burner to simmer , cover the pan and let it cook (12-14 mins)

Now add jaggery and ¼ cup water . Keep the burner in medium till the jaggery melts, let the pongal cook. As the water incorporates keep stirring so that the bottom does not burn the pongal. Once all water is absorbed and incorporated, add the nuts and coconut mixture.

Pongal is ready to serve.



Gur  and Ghee are available in Indian grocery stores or at

Sawa Millet is available in India grocery stores or

Ghee or clarified butter can be made at home by heating, melting and boiling out the solids of unsalted butter sticks. Will blog about a step by step guide to making clarified butter at home from unsalted butter sticks.

Do not to use any kind of substitute for the gur, the earthy flavor can not be achieved with any substitute.

Do not use the flour of Sawa Millet. Use the Whole Sawa Millet