Photoessay of Meghalaya

This artificial lake is one of the attractions in Shillong


Nohkalikai Falls near Cherappunji, Meghalaya, India’s tallest waterfalls at 340 m


Bishop and Beadon falls are 2 falls within Shillong city limits


Umshiang double-decker bridge near Cherrapunji is a 180 year old bridge that has been in constant use by the Khasi people


Traditionally dressed Khasi girl. Khasi is the dominant indigenous people


Levitating boats at crystal clear Dawki river on a sunny day. It is near the border of India/Bangladesh.


Mawlynnong Village, voted the “Cleanest village in Asia” in 2003 by Discovery India Magazine


Rickety suspension bridge on the way to Umshiang Root Bridge


Dian Thlen falls near Cherrapunji
India Bangladesh border. The rope seen here separates the 2 countries.


David Scott Trail, named after a British officer is one of the hiking trails in Shillong


Police Bazaar in Shillong is the downtown of Shillong


Umiam Lake is a reservoir outside of Shillong created by damming the Umiam river.


Nohsngithiang Falls or 7 sisters falls near Cherrapunji has a height of 315 m and falls only during winter.


Laithlum Canyon is a little explored location in Meghalaya